Philadelphia Area Graphic Designer

Marina Design provides graphic design services including logo design, campaign & event branding, print collateral and illustration to businesses and individuals in the Greater Philadelphia area.

With over a decade of design and art direction experience, Marina Eyl, the founder of Marina Design, has partnered with a wide range of clients including nonprofit organizations, pharmaceuticals, educational institutions, and retail shops to create memorable designs that get noticed.

Logo Design

Marina specializes in logo design, creating beautiful and unique logos that make your business stand out from the competition. She works with individuals, start-ups and larger organizations to create the perfect look that’s unique, encompassing the organization’s personality and getting their message across to their audience.

Campaign & Event Branding, Print Collateral

Whether your mission is to raise money, promote your business or raise awareness, clean and modern design can raise your organization’s visibility attracting the right audience. Marina Design creates impactful and eye-catching print and digital materials that help get your campaign noticed, leaving a lasting impression with your prospects.

Campaign materials can include brochures, tri-folds, signage, sponsor programs, tshirts and other relevant promotional materials.

Why Hire a Professional Graphic Designer?

Stand out from the rest You want people to remember your business as opposed to blending in with everyone else. There are a ton of cheap templates out there, but they are not going to make you stand out from your competition. A professional designer will create custom work for you that is unique to your organization and will make you get noticed.

Be Consistent If you already have a strong brand and need a designer to implement your look across a variety of print and web materials, then hiring a professional designer is the way to go! They know which fonts, colors and styles to use in order to properly capture your brand and make everything look cohesive.

Save Time If you have a lot on your plate already and don’t have the time to create your own branding materials, a designer will be able to implement your vision in half the time.

Get Results You have a vision for your business, but are not sure how to convey that vision graphically. A designer will know what questions to ask and will brainstorm how to effectively communicate your message in order to deliver the results you are looking for!

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