Philadelphia Illustrated Poster
Bright and Colorful Illustration of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

London Illustrated Digital Poster
A bright and colorful illustration of London, England

Florence Illustrated Square Poster
A creative custom illustration of Florence, Italy

St. Petersburg Illustrated Poster
A fun and modern illustration of St. Petersburg, Russia

Paris illustrated poster
A fun and vibrant illustration of Paris, France with bold flat colors

Sydney Illustrated Poster
A bright and unique illustration of Sydney, Australia

Amsterdam Illustrated Poster
Bright illustrated poster of Amsterdam

Illustrated Travel Poster Series

What started out as a self promotion travel calendar turned into an ongoing poster series of cities around the world. Inspired by my love of travel, I started illustrating specific cities which have a special meaning for me. This side project continued to grow to include cities I want to visit someday as well. Check back as I’ll be posting new work as it’s completed!