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Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health 'Live Your Legacy' Campaign

This was an employee engagement campaign created for Lancaster General Health with the goal of retaining current employees and eventually recruiting new ones. The idea was to create impactful and emotive graphics and messaging throughout the employee facing areas of the hospital to inspire and encourage employees to share their stories of how they live their legacy at Lancaster General Health on their intranet called StarNet.

The creative vision of this campaign came together with personal and emotive photography, a bright and bold color palette, the employee ‘cultural truths,’ employee quotes from their interviews, and the Live Your Legacy tag shown in the concept board. Some of the campaign executions included column wraps, elevator clings, stair wraps, and wall murals among others.

The campaign was very well received throughout the hospital and inspirational stories of how LGH allowed and encouraged employees to live their legacy poured into StarNet.

This work is a product of the relationship between Lancaster General Health and Merz Branding.