Logo Seal for an Accreditation Program

ACHA Accreditation Logos

The Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) is an organization which is dedicated to supporting individuals and families living with congenital heart disease and advancing the care and treatment…

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Logo for a Jewelry Company

Stanley Michael Jewelry Logo

Branding designed for a jewelry company called Stanley Michael. The client wanted a logo that was simple and sophisticated. A serif font was paired with a sans serif subhead for a classic look…

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Life Coaching Company Logo

Inspirit Growth Logo

A logo designed for a spiritual growth life coaching company. The inspiration for the symbol was taken from the Redwood trees, the tallest trees in the world. They represent the company’s…

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Logo for a Movie Rating Website Blog

Movie Mixology Logo

A logo designed for Movie Mixology, a movie rating website. The idea was to combine the aspect of drinking together with film.

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