ASCO Oncology Practice Conference Identity

This is a logo concept for ASCO’s Oncology Practice Conference. ASCO is the American Society of Clinical Oncology representing physicians of all oncology sub-specialties who care for people with cancer. This is a one-day conference highlighting the business side of cancer care and bringing together top leaders in the field to discuss regulatory, administrative, and legal challenges faced by oncology practices.

I was tasked with creating a logo for the event using brand standards which would be applied to all meeting materials and signage. I chose a speech bubble graphic with several overlapping shapes. The speech graphic and the shapes within it represent the various aspects of the conference and topics of discussion. The goal was to represent the meeting in a clean and streamlined way, turning ideas, discussion and business topics into a cohesive graphic unit. The overlapping element of the shapes adds dimension and depth to the logo which reflects on the complexity of the subject matter.

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